Discover the Right Camcorder for You
Full HD camcorders will create larger files but they will look better when displayed on large screen HDTVs.
With HDTVs appearing in more and more homes it makes sense to switch to high def if you haven't already done so.
Some new pocket camcorders make it easy to post your videos online.
  • High Definition
  • Flash card
  • 15 x Optical Zoom
  • High Definition
  • Flash card
  • 10 x Optical Zoom
  • High Definition
  • CMOS Optical Sensor
  • Widescreen
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1080pFull HD video looks better on big HDTVs 720pThis is an older HD standard that may be adequate for video that will be viewed on older or smallerTVs but 1080p is very common now and looks better on large HDTVs. SD (480i/480p)Better off going high def
3DCamcorders capable of recording 3D video typically have two lenses and cost a lot more than 2D cameras but it's impressive to see your home movies in 3D on your 3DTV. AVCHDAVCHD can be harder to edit but has become the standard for consumer camcorders. MPEG-4MPEG4 is still a widely used Codec (Coder/Decoder).  
Streaming AbilityIt's convenient to be able to stream directly to your HDTV without any cables. 16:9 Aspect Ratio16:9 video looks better on widescreen HDTVs than 4.3   4:3 Aspect RatioStandard TV aspect ratio may create black borders on widescreen HDTVs.
Wireless ConnectivityAllows you to transfer files without any cables or taking out your Flash card. Flash Card Memory StorageFlash cards are lightweight, small and easy to carry around. To get the best performance, look for a speed rating of Class 10. HDD StorageFlash is becoming the standard but a built–in hard drive provides a lot of space.  
Outdoor CamcordersThese camcorders are easy to mount on helmets, usually very durable, and are great for recording those thrilling and unique moements like surfing, snowboarding or cliff diving. Optical Image StabilizationThis helps remove shaky videos especially with when doing close–up zooms.   Digital Image StabilizationDoesn't work as well as optical stabilization