Discover the Right Mobile Phone for You
A multitasking phone OS makes these large screen, dual-core powered smartphones shine.
Apple has a bigger App Store but Android offers a wider selection of phones. Both have most of the important apps.
For around $100 or less, many of these phones are unlocked and can be used as a spare phone.
  • Smartphone
  • Touch
  • GSM or CDMA
  • 8 Megapixel Camera Resolution
  • Smartphone
  • Touch
  • 8 Megapixel Camera Resolution
  • Smartphone
  • Candy bar
  • Talk Time 330 min
  • GSM
Technology Cycle
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Octa-core ProcessorsThese are the next-gen processors shipping with the next batch of high-end smartphones. It features 8 cores, but don't be fooled, as it only uses a maximum of 4 cores for a task — 4 "Speedy" cores and 4 "Slower" cores. It uses the slower core for less intensive tasks and the speedier cores for more intensive tasks, which in theory, will be more energy efficient. Bottom line, it is still an improvement over quad-core processors. Quad/Dual-core ProcessorsMost new smartphones come equipped with either Quad-core or dual-core processors allowing you to multitask without much lag. Single core ProcessorsPhones with only 1 core are lacking the speed necessary to run the latest mobile operating systems, games and apps.  
802.11acThe up and coming wireless standard operating in the 5Ghz frequency, it allows throughput of up to 1.3Gbps compared to 802.11n's 150Mbps. 802.11nCurrently, the fastest Wi-Fi standard common to computers and other devices.    
LTE-AdvancedThe next major step in LTE technology, LTE Advanced will offer blazing speeds up to 500Mbps, though it won't be available in the U.S for a while. 4G ConnectivityAlthough 4G connectivity is not available in all markets, most newer phones are capable of 4G speeds. It allows for streaming high quality videos and music, but watch out for that data cap! 3G ConnectivityThis is adequate for people who use their mobile phones to check e-mails or browse the web.  
5"+ (Phablets)A new trend amongst folks who require the extra screen real estate, Phablets are smartphones with tablet-like screen sizes (5.0"-6.9"). However, because of it's larger screen size, owners may experience shorter battery life per charge cycle. 4-4.9" DisplaysMost smartphones fall within this range — even Apple increased their latest iPhone's screen size to 4". It allows users ample screen estate for playing games, surfing the web, and even streaming videos. 3.5" DisplaysDon't need the extra screen estate? A 3.5-inch display is more than enough for playing games or surfing the web.  
  Super AMOLED DisplayNewer smartphones with AMOLED displays have better power efficiency and improved brightness. LCD DisplayThis is the standard display technology used in mobile phones, though quality can vary greatly. High quality LCD display includes the Retina Display, found on the new Apple iPhone 4/4s.  
  8 MP CameraThis is as many megapixels as even many point and shoot cameras have. 5 MP Camera5 megapixels can be more than adequate especially for FaceBook photos. 2 MP CameraCan be perfectly adequate for posting photos or sending them around.
  1080p Video RecordingMost newer smartphones are capable of recording in Full HD 1080p. 720p Video Recording720p is not Full HD (1080p) but adequate for most videos.  
NFCNFC, or Near-Field Communications, allows your mobile phone to communicate with other NFC enabled devices by just touching or bringing them together.