Discover the Right DVD/Blu-Ray Player for You
One of the only ways to watch Full HD, 1080p 3D is on a Blu-ray 3D player.
Many of the newer Blu-ray players allow you to connect to the Internet through your home network.
Upconverting or upscaling DVD players (even Blu-ray players) can make a standard def DVD look more like HD by doubling the lines.
  • HDMI Connection
  • BD Live
  • Blu-ray disc player
  • HDMI Connection
  • BD Live
  • Blu-ray disc player
  • Digital Video Standards- ...
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Getting more out of your Blu-ray
The Must-Haves

HDMI cables provide the best quality picture and audio. Quality Component Audio and Video cables reduce distortion and interference

Making it Better

Combine all your remotes into one and reduce clutter with a Universal Remote.

Learn About DVD/Blu-Ray Players
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  3D3D Blu-ray standards are set, if you think there is a chance you're going to buy a 3DTV consider a 3D Blu-ray now. 2DIf you decide to go 3D, you can always give the old 2D player away.  
Upscaling to 4KJust got a fancy new 4K TV? Pair it with a blu-ray player capable of upscaling to 4K and to get better than 1080p picture. DLNAShare media among devices using this commonly found standard.    
  HDMI 1.4This is the latest HDMI digital audio/video connector standard that is required to display Full HD 3D content from a 3D Blu-ray player to a 3D TV. Most new 3D Blu-ray players have this version. HDMI 1.3HDMI 1.3 is good enough for non-3D movies. HDMI 1.2HDMI 1.2 players are also getting scarce.
  1080p1080p, Full HD is the best way to go especially for bigger screen HDTVs. Any Blu-ray player should be 1080p. DVD PlayersThere are a lot of standard def movies that most players can upconvert.  
  Built-in Wi-FiWi-Fi makes it easier to connect to the Internet through your home network since you don't have to use a cable. Built-in Wi-Fi doesn't require any extra components like a USB dongle. Wi-Fi Ready/EthernetWired Ethernet works just as great if you can stretch a cable. Wi-Fi ready players usually require an extra component like a dongle (small device used with a USB port) before you can hook up your player to your network.  
  Profile 2.0/Streaming Media SuiteAlthough Netflix and Pandora are two commonly found services on streaming-capable players there is some variation in what different vendors offer. Profile 1.11.1 added "bonus view" and may be adequate for watching movies. Profile 1.01.0 players are getting scarce.
  DVD UpconvertingAlmost (and we stress the almost) makes standard def look like Blu-ray    
  7.1 Channel HD Audio DecodingMore channels mean a more immersive experience but you'll also need more speakers. 5.1 Channel HD Audio DecodingMost movies are mastered in 5.1