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Real-time traffic information can help you avoid traffic jams but may cost you a monthly subscription fee. Usually a "T" in the model name indicates free updates.
It's important to not have to look at the GPS in the car in order to know where you're supposed to go.
This is a fairly mainstream screen size although 4.3-inch screens may be easier to read in a car.
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  • Voice.Navigation instructions ...
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  • Automotive
  • Voice.Navigation instructions ...
  • fast/short route
  • Automotive
  • Voice.Navigation instructions ...
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Getting more out of your GPS
The Must-Haves

Remember, windshield mounts are illegal in California and Minnesota but there are plenty of other mounts to choose from.

Making it Better

You might want to keep an extra charger in your travel kit. If you commute in a big city real–time traffic updates can save you time.

Learn About GPS
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Lifetime TrafficMany GPS manufacturers are starting to tack on Lifetime real-time traffic. Touch ScreenMany GPS devices use touch screens which can mean less fumbling in the car and safer driving.    
Lifetime Map UpdatesLifetime map updates is an attractive feature to have on a GPS. It'll keep you up-to-date on new or changed roads. BluetoothLets you use your GPS for hands-free calling    
  MP3 PlayerWho needs an iPod? Many GPS devices will transmit your songs right to your radio.    
Voice RecognitionWhat's safer than using a large touch screen? Voice recognition. It allows you to give commands to your GPS so you don't have to fumble around with the on-screen menus. Quickest RouteQuickest doesn't always mean shortest but can often get you there sooner.    
15+ hour Battery LifeDon't run out of juice on a long hike. Longer battery life is more important for handheld GPS devices. Under 9 Hour Battery LifeIf you take long hikes make sure the battery in your GPS will go the distance. 3 Hour Battery LifeIf you're going to always plug it into the car, battery life is not a big issue.  
High Resolution ScreenWhat's the point of a larger screen without a higher resolution? Like HDTVs and smartphones, a higher resolution screen allows for more details to be shown. 5" ScreenThe new standard is GPS with screens 5" and larger. The larger screen in the car can be easier to see and safer to use. 4.3" Screen4.3-inches in a widescreen is a good display size that fits on the dash but can be easily read. 3.5" ScreenIf your directions are spoken screen size is less important
Smartphone IntegrationAllows your smartphone to use your smartphone's existing data plan to access real-time information such as weather and traffic. Spoken DirectionsNo need to take your eyes off the road when a calm voice is providing directions.