Nokia Lumia 920

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Windows 8 • 4.5" AMOLED capacitive touchscreen • 32 GB internal storage • 8.7MP rear camera • 1.3MP front camera • 4G • WiFi • Snapdragon S4 1500MHz dual-core processor • 5.13 x 2.79 x 0.42"
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User Reviews from the Web
4.5 out of 5
from 90 reviews
"The best Windows 8 Phone that will start the market." by naito22
Nokia's Lumia 920 will be the phone to get if you decide to get WP8. If you want apps go ahead and stick with android or apple otherwise just be patient and the apps will come out. Besides that, its your choice. Current rumors as of today is release on Nov. 9th from....
4.75 out of 5
from 62 reviews
Reviewed by lotsacode-onverge
Overall a great phone and not just for the value. Nokia and Microsoft have done an excellent job of creating a leading phone in both design and usability. Ecosystem is also not just about individual apps, ecosystem is about how WP8 links in to all other services, google, twitter, linked...
4.65 out of 5
from 64 reviews
Lumia 920 by froesei
Hardware My previous phone was the Lumia 900, so the solid design and sturdy feel of the device was very familiar to me. Many have voiced their concern over its size and weight, but for me it hasn’t been an issue. Yes, coming from a 900 meant I was already used to...
4.9 out of 5
from 71 reviews
"Love Nokia!" by Shahana
"This is my first Nokia phone and let me tell you it is of great quality. Don't listen to reviews telling you the phone is heavy. It feels like a solid phone and not cheap! Windows Phone 8 is awesome! You can resize the tiles now and the OS is so smooth! I love the camera...
Expert Reviews from the Web
4.0 out of 5
November 1, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 review: Windows Phone's most powerful handset yet
AT&T's Nokia Lumia 920 isn't for wimps. It's big, it's heavy, and it takes a power user to truly appreciate the phone's special features. If you open your heart and expand your pockets, the Lumia 920's smooth, streamlined design beautifully showcases all that the just-launched...
3.95 out of 5
November 9, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920
The Nokia Lumia 920 is the company’s third attempt at launching the definitive Windows Phone. In April, Nokia and Microsoft tried to convince the world that the Lumia 900 and Windows Phone 7.5 was that device, but that claim had a shorter expiration date than anybody...
4.0 out of 5
November 6, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 review
The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship handset from the Finnish firm, but it's no longer Microsoft's darling device, with the HTC 8X selected as the signature Windows Phone 8 handset...
4.0 out of 5
November 7, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 review
The Nokia Lumia 920 packs Windows 8 and a 4.5 inch IPS display over the Nokia Lumia 900. It’s the flagship Windows Phone 8 handset for 2012 and introduces PureView camera technology in a bid to compete with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3...
4.0 out of 5
November 7, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920
If you're sick of Android and Apple phones and you want something that stands out from the pack, the Lumia 920 looks like an exotic, glossy bird. It runs on Microsoft's brand-new Windows 8 operating system for a distinct, unique user experience...